Defining the logo

Changing logos is a right reserved for system administrators.

You can define different logos for your platform.

In the interface the logo appears with a maximum width of 160 px, regardless of the size of the original picture. There is no real restriction for the height.

Changer le logo

By default the logo is also included in the notifications by email. For this reason we advise you to work with a maximum width of 320px. Or load a different logo for emails.

The logo for notifications by email

By default the platform logo will be used, but you can suggest a different file. We advise you to not exceed 400 px in width by 200 px in height.

Changer le logo

The logo as icon for mobile screens

Although there is no native mobile application, you can access your platform by means of your mobile phone or tablet. By creating a shortcut to your home screen the system will display the defined icon. This icon must be 256 px by 256 px.

Changer le logo

The favicon, the icon displayed in the tab of your browser.

The favicon concerned must have the following dimensions: 16 px wide by 16 px high.

Changer le logo

To define these different logos you go to 'Look and colors' option in the profile menu. Do not forget advanced options which will allow you to define all the logos.

Changer le logo

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