Creating a share space

  • Only system administrators are capable of creating a space.
  • On request by any user.

Creating a space from administration interface

  1. Go to administration interface, 'Space' tab.

Créer un espace

  1. Click on 'Create a space'.
  2. Name it and define its properties, in particular any group to attach it to as well as its type: public, moderated, private or secret.

Créer un espace

Requesting creation of a space

If you are not a system administrator, you cannot create a space yourself. But you can enter a request for creation of a space from Overview or from a group of spaces.

  1. Open a group of spaces.
  2. Click on the icon in the header of the space.

Créer un espace

  1. Enter your request.

Créer un espace

This request will be communicated to the system administrator who will or will not validate the creation of the space. By default you will be assigned as its administrator.

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