About bulk actions

Bulk actions are accessible to all. However, some of these bulk actions depend on the rights associated with the suggested actions.

The following actions can be performed on a group of contents:

Bulk actions can be performed from a research view or from a list (bookmark, drafts, etc).

From the search view

  1. Go to the search view by clicking on the magnifying glass in the main menu toolbar or go to any library (for example of a space or a profile).
  2. Select the content you want to work on and click on the selected action.
  3. Open the bulk actions menu on the top left.
  4. Perform the action and save, then go back to the initial display.

Actions groupées

By default the page displays 10 results, so be carreful if you click on "Select All", it will only select the results displayed on the page.

From a list (bookmark, drafts)

  1. Open the desired list.
  2. Go to bulk actions from this list and perform your actions on your content selection.
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