Enrich your Story

To update information you have to:

  • be the author of this content
  • have the "contributor" or more rights to the space in which the content is shared
  • have the system rights of "coordinator" or more.

By creating a story or editing it, the contributor can:


About metadata

When you create or edit a Story, you will find a grayed-out section at the bottom of the page. This is where you can bring some additional information to your Story.

Each content has its own metadata.

About thumbnails

By default Elium automatically generates a thumbnail (picture) for the entire content, except for Collections and events.

Thumbnails are displayed:

  • in alerts and notifications by email
  • in the presentation of the resume type (activity feed and library)
  • in the tabs present in the gallery mode

At any time during the creation of your story, you can add a thumbnail. If you have inserted content in the Highlight area, the thumbnail will take over in the display for flow, search and notifications.

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