Permissions and Visibilities

To have the right to change the permissions for content you obviously have to have access, but you also have to meet one of the following conditions:

  • be the author of the content in question
  • have the right of "contributor" to the space or more

  • have the right of system "coordinator" or more

It is possible to change permissions and visibility of a shared Story.

In this dialogue, you can

  • move a Story from one space to another
  • add or remove access to read this Story for one or more specified user(s)
  • identify potential reshares of this Story

How do you change permissions?

  1. Click on "Permissions and visibilities" to edit the access and visibility rights.


  1. Move content to another space.
  2. Change the visibility level, in this specific case by sharing from your personal space.
  3. Grant/remove supplementary access rights for users.
  4. Identify in which spaces your story has been reshared and disallow these reshares if needed


You can also use bulk actions to move content from one space to the other.

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