Private Messages

All users have access to private messaging.

In private messaging you can talk privately with one or several users and contribute to different discussion feeds. You will find numerous options to feed or start private discussions.

Start a private conversation by

  • using the "Send this Story"
  • accessing your private messaging zone

Sharing Stories by means of private messaging

private message

Sharing Stories in a private discussion will add a reference to it in your discussion feed. If there was already an existing discussion feed with the same recipient(s), the Story will be added to this feed. Otherwise a new conversation will be created.

The detailed view of private messaging

private message

Private messaging presents the discussion feeds in which you're engaged. There are various options for you:

  • start a new discussion
  • filter the discussions on basis of a recipient's name
  • rename discussion feeds
  • add one or more recipients
  • mute a conversation
  • A discussion feed between two people cannot be extended to an additional user.
  • A discussion feed between two people cannot be muted.

It is not possible to delete a message in private messaging, they go down in order of activity in the list of messages but always remain accessible.

About notifications by email linked with private messaging

To avoid too many emails from the platform, emails linked with messaging are "tempered". In general a notification about a conversation is generated:

  • after 10 minutes if the conversation is new and if you have not connected to the platform in the meantime
  • 1 hour after a new item in the conversation, if you have already been active in the conversation but you have not taken part in the meantime

If a conversation has not been updated for 24 hours it is considered to be a new one. And after 10 minutes every new item in the conversation will generate a notification by email to people who are not active in messaging.

Users can deactivate these notifications in their settings menu.

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