Who is Elium for?

Elium was created for any organisation which wants to optimise its knowledge sharing, whatever its size or business sector. Everybody, regardless of their role and activities, can find the perfect solution with Elium.

Knowledge Manager

The core responisbilities of a Knowledge Manager (KM) are to organise, disseminate and enrich in-house knowledge.

Elium offers KMs an environment capable of supporting every step in their Knowledge Management program. Through the collaborative and social features, collective intelligence can be created and shared in real-time. This encourages the sharing of best practices taken from similar organisations and fields.

Market Intelligence Manager

One of the tasks of a Market Intelligence Manager is to select relevant information about competitors or the market, and to qualify this information, keeping an eye on the context in relation to the stakes of the organisation.

Elium presents them with a platform designed to meet their specific needs, empower a disseminated monitoring system and boost decentralised contribution.

Internal Communication Manager

The essence of internal communication is to keep everyone informed. It's important to share information in a dynamic,flexible and social way to attract interest and encourage contribution - enabling every level of the organisation to stay up to date.

Elium is specifically designed for organisations which want to open up and streamline their internal communication.

Project Team

Each project creates a lot of information, data and input over time in order to produce a given deliverable.

Elium features shared spaces, which have controlled visibility and offer the ability to collectively create content in real-time, innately responding to the concerns of a project team.

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