Manage Notifications

Notifications generated in Elium are intended to keep you informed of a whole range of events:

  • comments, likes, and updates on Stories you have added
  • comments on Stories you follow
  • mentions of your name in a comment or a Story
  • mention of a space name of which you are a member, in a comment or a Story (by a coordinator or administrator of the space)
  • affiliation to a space
  • subscription to your profile
  • new Stories in a space in which space notifications are activated
  • unread private messages

You receive some of these notifications by email as well. You can adjust certain settings for notification by email.


(De)activating desktop notifications

When you receive your first notification, Elium asks you to authorize activation of desktop notifications. This is a service depending on your browser, allowing you to receive a notification on your computer screen even when you are not surfing the platform.

If Elium has not asked you this question yet, you can activate it from your settings.

If you have blocked this function at the time the system suggested it, you have to go through the preferences of your browser to unblock it and to authorize Elium to generate these notifications. You have to do the same if you want to deactivate these notifications.

From the Elium Mobile App, it is not possible to receive notifications as all the other Mobile App. You have to be connected to the App to be aware of the activity.

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