Create a Story

To be able to create & share a Story, you need to have at least the role of system contributor (and therefore be able to post in your personal space) or the role of a contributor in a space.

About the Story

When you opt for a new Story, you have complete freedom in the structure you want to give to it. Main asset or not, texts, images, galleries, referenced stories... Anything is possible. See the full capacities of the Story editor.

The Story blocks


A Story gathers blocks of content) which can be different in kind and can be find by clicking on the "+" inside the text:

  • A _file_block that allows you to add a file directly to the Story and index it
  • A _image block that allows you to add an image directly into the Story and index it
  • A link block that allows you to add a link to a web page directly in the Story and index it
  • A _gallery block that allows you to add all types of files/images directly to the Story
  • A _Story block that allows you to insert existing stories into Elium
  • A Quote block that allows you to quote an author and mark the difference in the body of the Story
  • A _user_block that allows you to insert the profile of existing users in Elium
  • A table block which allows to structure data in the form of rows and columns
  • A Code block that allows you to write text in different computer languages
  • A embed block displaying external content (Jotform form, Google Form or other services allowing integration via an iframe)
  • A mention block that allows to mention one or more users

Various ways of using the Story

  • Create a theme file or knowledge capsules on particular subjects.
  • Create an article or a newsletter.
  • Create training modules.
  • Create photo albums.
  • Create collaborative reports/minutes.

Creating a Story from the pencil icon

There are three ways to create a Story:

  • from the platform, via the Share button
  • from a content selection in bulk actions
  • from an email
  1. Click on the share button and choose the Story icon
  2. Enter a title
  3. Highlight content in the "Highlight" area
  4. Add blocks of your choice
  5. Add as manyblocks as you want
  6. Define the metadata of your story and add a thumbnail if necessary
  7. Choose the sharing space
  8. Publish or Save asdraft
  9. Add tags

Highligh content

When creating a Story, above the title, there is an area to highlight content. This main content can be of two types: Web link or file (image, video, office file, etc.).

When content is put in the highlight area, it has several impacts on the content:

  • The highlight area defines the type of the story (link, file, content)
  • This content will have a higher weight in the results reported in the search.
  • Content highlighted in the highlight area will be displayed in the activity flow and in the library (unless a thumbnail is added to the Story).

This highlight can be defined or modified at any time during content editing, either by adding a new web link or file, or by dragging and dropping a file or web link already referenced in the Story in the area dedicated to the highlight.

When a user chooses to share a web link or file directly from the activity feed or the "+" button, the system automatically defines the web link or file as the highlight of the Story.

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