Personal drafts versus collaborative drafts

When you create a Story, Elium lets you decide either to publish it immediately or to save it as draft.

  • If you save a draft in your "Personal space" it is only visible for you and you cannot share it.
  • If you save it in a collective space every contributor of the space has de facto access to the draft. Mere "Guests" have no access.

Collaborative drafts are of interest when you want to collaborate on Stories with some people before publication and dissemination to a larger audience.

If a contributor is saving a content as draft in a space you have access to, this draft will appear in your list of collaboratives drafts only if you are invited to contibute to this content.

Access to drafts

To access your drafts, follow the shortcut "My Drafts" in the left menu of the home page.

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You have several possibilities:

  1. "My drafts" on the left navigation bar on the Homepage.
  2. The "Collaborative drafts", in which you can find the drafts stored in collective spaces and which you follow.

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To access all drafts available to you:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass on the Search bar to go to the global library.
  2. Use the filter & Draft.

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  • Make sure that the metadata, tags and space are well defined before publishing your draft.
  • Drafts appear to be very useful, especially for Stories that generally take some time to be edited.

Drafts of Versions

When updating a Story, you can decide wether to publish your changes or to save these changes as a draft.

This allows contributors to work on versions of a content while a published version is shown to simple readers.

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