Installing the bookmarklet

You can save a web page in Elium from your browser by means of a button to be installed on your bookmarks toolbar. This button - called bookmarklet – is easy to install and allows you to save and share web links at any time. You will find this button in the "Tools" section of your Elium platform.

Installing the bookmarklet in Firefox, Safari and Chrome

For these browsers you only have to drag/drop it in the bookmarks toolbar. However, you may first have to activate the display of the bookmarks toolbar.

  1. Click on the menu next to your profile photograph and select the "Tools" page.
  2. Drag/drop the "Add to (name of your platform]" button up to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

Sharing a web page in Elium by using the bookmarklet

Once your button is installed, you can surf to your favorite sites and when you find a web link to a press article, a competitor"s site, an interesting innovation, you can share it in a few clicks with this button.

  1. Click on "Add to [name of your platform]" on the web page to be shared.
  2. An Elium pop-up will open. Follow the various steps for saving (choice of space, visibility, metadata and tags).
  3. Click on "Add" so that the web page is added to the selected space. The page will automatically be indexed and cleaned.

If you visualize a file (picture, PDF, etc) directly from your browser, at the click on the bookmarklet the system detects the presence of this file and suggests to add it immediately as a file and not as a web link.

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