Adding content from an email

You can share contents directly from your mailbox without having to connect to your platform.

Transfer or create an email

  1. Send the email to a generic email address, specific to your platform.
  2. The system associates your profile to the post on the basis of the email addresses in your profile.
  3. It saves the email and any attachment as draft in your personal space.

Concept d'envoi par email

Finding the generic email address

  1. Click on "Tools" from your profile menu (top right).
  2. Copy the email address to be used as the recipient to send emails and attachments on your platform.

Accès à l'email de contribution

Fill in secondary email addresses in your profile in addition to your main address so that emails can be sent from every inserted address.

Processing contents sent by email

Some steps are required for sharing information when you send by means of the generic email address. By default the email and attachments are actually saved as draft in your personal space.

  1. Edit the information (title, description, etc) of your content (possibly by helping you with bulk actions).
  2. Tag the content.
  3. Move the content to a collective space, except when you want to post it to your personal space.
  4. Publish the content.

Generate addresses by applying publication pipelines

System administrators can create specific addresses which will apply a series of predefined pipelines (among other things, choice of space and addition of tags). One of these pipelines consists of determining how to process the content sent.

More information on these addresses here.

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