Sharing a web link

Any public web site can be incorporated in Elium.

In many cases the web page is saved in PDF format, unless the site hosting the page you want to share has defined restrictions. In general Elium presents a "cleaned" view of the page, focused on content (stripped of advertising, menus etc).

Like all content every saved web page is immediately indexed in full text.

There are three ways of sharing a web page:

  • by copy/pasting the URL in Elium
  • by using our bookmarklet(shortcut for capturing a web page instantly)
  • by means of email pipelines defined by the administrators

While hovering your cursor on the button, choose "Web page".

Processus d'ajout d'un lien Web

  1. Type your URL and then submit.
  2. Share your thoughts related to this content, add a mention to mobilize your collaborators. In this body, you can define many other elements to enrich your Story.
  3. Adapt or fill in additional information (publication date, source, etc) depending on available fields.
  4. Save it as draft or publish it.
  5. If you publish your content, define the space where to share it.
  6. Apply tags of your choice.

Processus d'ajout d'un lien Web

You can also save links in Elium using a dedicated bookmarklet. Visit your "Tools" section to learn more.

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