Sharing content in Elium

To be able to share a Story, you need to have at least the role of system contributor (and therefore be able to post in your personal space) or the role of a contributor in a space.

Sharing in Elium is incredibly easy. Thanks to a Story, this concept makes it possible to augment any content, whether it was initially shared from the activity feed or via the reshare action. Thus ensuring greater freedom and instantaneity for the user, and a capacity for the administrator to enrich the Story at any time.

Sharing content

To create a Story, the user can choose either the sharebox displayed in the activity feed or the sharing icon "+".

The sharebox

  • Start an instant share directly from your Activity Feed.
  • Share your thoughts with text, using bold, italic, colors or bullets. Add mentions to notify team mates.
  • Optionally you can also add a file, link, or even cloud files such Google Drive file or Dropbox File using the dedicated options.
  • Choose a space to share your Story.
  • Share.


You can use also drag & drop to share a file. This awesome feature will help you share in seconds!

The sharing icon "+"

By hovering over the sharing icon "+", the user can opt for an empty story by selecting the pencil icon (the user then arrives on a blank page), select a predefined Story type (sharing a link, file, event, etc.) or a story template predefined by the administrator.


In all cases, the contributor starts a new Story. A Story has a concept of a file, link or cloud file that can be highlightes & the body of the story. The user can enrich the story to their desire by adding enough content & using the powerful editor to make their story visually compelling. The user can also add more contributors to their story.

When you share content in Elium, make sure to:

  • give an explicit and as complete as possible title
  • normalize the title formats
  • provide tags
  • change the thumbnail if it is not meaningful
  • share your interest and your opinion in comment
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