Shared alert

Creating and managing a shared alert is a right reserved for system administrators.

It is possible in Elium to program alerts on the basis of subjects you want to stay informed about. As administrator you can use the potential of individual alerts by transforming them into shared alerts.

Creating a shared alert

The first step for an administrator who wants to create an alert is to create a personal alert.

  1. Once you have programmed your personal alerts you can share them with other members. Click on the 'Shared alerts' tab in the administration interface.
  2. Create a new alert.
  3. Select one of your saved searches and decide on the sending frequency (which may be different from the frequency you programmed).
  4. Subsequently you can subscribe any user to these alerts by clicking on 'Subscribers'.

You can program your personal alerts and tick the frequency 'Never', which allows you to create shared alerts for your users without receiving them yourself.

When you invite or create new users on the platform, see to subscribing them to shared alerts relevant to them!