Add a content

Once you have defined the structure of your platform, you will want to fill it with interesting content! Indeed, one of the key success factors of an initiative of this kind is to offer attractive, unique and useful content to your target audiences. As system administrators, you have 2 options:

  • Create content one by one on the platform
  • Massive import of existing content

Content creation from the platform

To share content, you must have at least the role of a system contributor (and thus be able to post in your personal space) or a contributor in a space.

To create content in the platform, please refer to the Create and Share Content section of the User Guide.

Massive import of existing content

Proceeding to imports is a right reserved for system administrators

Mass importing of files and their tree structure is possible in Elium with an import module which can be enabled via the tab "Integration" Integration

This module will be useful for you as administrator if:

  • you yourself want to import a tree structure of documents stored in Google Drive or OneDrive (or by using Google Drive or OneDrive as intermediary)
  • you want to mass import documents at any time

On the other hand it will not be useful if:

  • you are not a platform administrator
  • you want to import a large quantity of documents from another existing document database (in-house database, Lotus Notes, etc.) in one go with their corresponding metadata. In this case you better ask for an estimate for a personalized import procedure (analysis & operation performed by us).

How to import documents from Google Drive or OneDrive?

Activate the plugin in the tab Integration. Then

  1. Click on the new 'Imports' tab that has appeared in the administration interface.
  2. Click on 'New Google Drive Import' or 'New OneDrive Import'.

If you are not connected to a Google/Microsoft account yet, the system will ask you to select the account which you want to connect to.

  1. Folder : By clicking on 'Select' you can access all folder contents in your Google Drive or OneDrive; select the ones you want to import.
  2. Destination Space : Choose the destination space for the imported contents.
  3. Content owner : Choose who will be known as the author of the content on the platform.
  4. Start the import.
  5. Follow the state (status, size, number of imported files and errors) of your import via the interface.


Once your folders are imported, find here how to process imported files

At any time, it is possible to change the space of the imported folder(s) or assign the contents to another user thanks to the permissions window

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