Personalize the look & feel

Changing the look and feel of the platform is a right reserved only for the "Enterprise" plan!

To change the appearance and color of your platform, visit the "Look and feel" tab from the platform settings.

The name of your platform

You can change the name of your platform. This name is displayed:

  1. on the tab of your browser,
  2. on the platform,
  3. as the sender's name, on emails generated by the platform. (Tips: it is possible to define another sender name in the advanced options, see below)

Change name

The colors of the platform

You can define colors at different places in your platform:

  1. the color of clickable links (titles, links to profiles, tags, etc.)
  2. the color of the top bar

Appearance and colors

The logo as a mobile WEB application icon

Although there is a native mobile application, you can also access your platform using your mobile or tablet. By creating a shortcut from this web application to your home screen, the system will display the defined icon. This icon must be 256px on 256px.

change logo

Be careful, there is only the logo of the mobile WEB application of the platform that you can change. Not the one of the Elium mobile application

The favicon, the icon displayed in the tab of your browser

The favicon in question must have the following dimension: 16px wide by 16px high.

Change logo

Mailing settings

  • By default, the "Elium" logo will be used but you can propose another file. We recommend not to go beyond 400px wide by 200px high.
  • Here you can change the name of the sender of the emails generated by the platform.

Mailing settings

You can also set the look and feel of your groups and spaces. Find out how to do this in the dedicated FAQ.