Setting a space

Only system or space administrators can manage the settings and properties of a space.

Changing the settings of a space

Certain settings are accessible from the header of the space. Apart from the possibilities to change the look of a space, its navigation tabs or even its templates, you can manage a series of settings:

paramètres de l'espace

Name, description and introduction of the space

The name and description of a space are displayed in various places on the interface and facilitate finding out the mission and objective of the space. You can change these from the settings.

The introduction text is displayed to the side of the activity feed. This text zone is provided with an extensive editor, allowing you to use bold, italics, titles, links and lists. The opportunity to further specify the subject of the space and to guide users to key information.

texte d'introduction

These three elements may be the subject of translation.

Social boxes

Like the introduction text, a set of social boxes can be enabled/disabled to the side of the activity feed of the space:

  • show the top contributors
  • show popular contents
  • show popular members
  • show recent members
  • show recommended members
  • display an integrated site (to show a rich content like a YouTube video)

Notifications of the space

Not enabled by default, the option is aimed at notifying the members at publication of new content. More information here.

Changing the properties of a space

If you want to modify the properties of an existing space, click on:

  1. Administration
  2. 'Spaces' tab
  3. 'Change' to the right of the corresponding space

propriétés de l'espace

There you may:

Changing the type of space will have a direct effect on the visibility of content already present in the space. For example, if you turn the type of a space from secret to public, content in this space will automatically become public.