Users' list

Access to the download of the users' list is a right reserved for system administrators.

The users' list is a CSV file including for all users:

  • status
  • system role
  • user name
  • name and first name
  • email address
  • creation date in the system
  • date of subscription in the system
  • date of the last visit
  • as the case may be, the date of a failed connection
  • language preference for the interface
  • number of affiliations to spaces

You obtain access to the download of this list from the administration interface, 'Users' tab.

What does this list enable?

It allows you various matters:

  • to find users who are pending (those who have not yet validated their subscription) in order to send them the invitation by means of the administration panel
  • to find the dates of the last connections of users in order to draw them to the platform by a mention, comment or any other interesting content
  • to verify failed connections (those who have not been able to connect to the platform at their last try) in order to contact these users to identify the problem