Gardening tags

Gardening tags is a common practice in Elium. It consists of the qualitatively best possible maintenance of the platform categorization.

From the administration interface

Relating tags

Synonymous tags belonging to the same category can be associated. Both will be considered during a search filtered on one of the two.

For example: if a user performs a search on the 'sodium chloride' tag, the system will also suggest contents tagged 'NaCl', if the administrator has set a relation between these two tags.

Modifying tags

Via this option you can perform several operations:

  • rename a tag
  • translate it
  • move it to another category

If you focused on limited categories, it is good practice to regularly go through the list of tags which do not belong to any category and sort these tags on the number of contents. A regularly used tag may be moved to another category.

Merging tags

You can delete a defined tag for another one which you specify. The tag you specify will automatically be attached to the contents to which the initial tag was attached. This initial tag will be definitively deleted.

For example: I want to merge the 'knowledge plaza' tag with the 'Elium' tag. I click on the 'Merge' option next to the 'knowledge plaza' tag and indicate the 'Elium' tag as replacement.

Deleting tags

Every tag can be deleted. The system will warn you if you try to delete a tag used in:

In the users' interface

Coordinators and administrators have the possibility to withdraw tags attached to contents. This operation takes place from the tagging window. It is important to note that these tags are withdrawn, but not deleted from the system.

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