How to create an event?

You can create an event with Elium. Define the dates and time schedule, personalize it, invite and notify the people of your choice.

Create event

  1. An event is created from the share button using the predefined "event" story.
  2. Give it a title.
  3. Specify a start and end date and time.
  4. Like the Story, the event can contain blocks of text, links to web pages, file galleries or references to content and profiles in their own right, from Elium.
  5. Publish your event by choosing the right space.
  6. Finally, invite the users for whom you want to generate a notification.
  7. At the bottom of the event, you can easily identify who has been invited and who will be present or not.

In addition, in the same way as a Story, an event can be sent by email to Elium users.

  • All users who have access to the event file can indicate their possible participation.
  • Furthermore, all contributors to the space where the event was saved can complete the list of invited users, as well as edit the event.
  • Only coordinators/administrators can invite an entire space.

Quick access to an event

The various events to which you are invited or which you created are recorded in a tab "My Events" to the side of the global activity feed.

You can also find all available events from a library by using the appropriate filters.

  1. Select "Agenda" in the library to only identify coming events, sorted by date.
  2. Filter your search on the basis of content type "Event".