Grouping spaces

Organizing spaces in groups is a right reserved for system administrators.

If your instance has to contain a large number of spaces, it might be useful to organize them into groups for better guidance of users on the platform.

A group of spaces appears in this way in the interface:

  1. accessing all space groups and spaces
  2. entering a group of spaces
  3. personalizing the group of spaces (name, colors, etc.)

groupe d'espaces

Defining a space group

A group is defined at the creation of a space or its publication. Subsequently it can be used to classify any other existing or future space.

Moving a space in a group

In the same way as creating a group, you have to edit the properties of the space to move it to another group.

Renaming and translating a group of spaces

To rename or translate a group of spaces you have to go back to the group and access its settings. More information on managing multilingualism here.

Reorganizing the order of groups

Groups of spaces can be organized according to your wishes from the administration interface.

ordre groupe d'espaces

ordre groupe d'espaces