Managing tabs of a space

Managing tabs of a space is reserved for administrators of the space or system administrators.

Tabs organize navigation in the space by vertical display.

Default tabs

Three default tabs are suggested in every new space created:


It displays:

  1. the activity feed of the space
  2. the sharing box
  3. the introduction text
  4. the administrator(s) and members of the space
  5. the featured content
  6. various social boxes

vue d'un espace


The tab contains all contents available in the space. More information on libraries here.

Other types of tabs

Besides the default tabs suggested, you can also create other tabs of different types.

Smart tab

A smart tab is a tab displaying contents in a space according to an automatic rule created by the administrator of the space and based on specific settings:

  • the choice of one or more necessary tags on contents so that they are included in this tab
  • and/or the restriction to one or more defined types of content (web pages, collection, file, etc.)

It is also possible to choose the display mode of these contents (library, activity feed or grid) as well as the sorting order.

Setting smart tabs

  1. Go to the space in question and click on the space menu.
  2. Create a new smart tab.

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  1. Give your tab a name.
  2. Choose the display mode.
  3. Enable/disable the fact that featured contents appear at the top.
  4. Select the sorting mode for contents.
  5. Indicate the tags on which you want to filter.

The tags chosen as filters in the smart tabs function according to the Boolean logic:

  • by selecting two tags of the same category (OR logic), you obtain contents with tag A, with tag B and with tags A & B
  • by selecting two tags in different categories (AND logic), you obtain contents with the tags A & B
  1. Filter by templates.

Link-type tab

An external web page can be defined (compulsory in the secured https:// format) which will appear on the tab.


  • an embedded form from an external service (JotForm, Google Form, etc.)
  • a video, a presentation stored in an external service (YouTube, SlideShare, Prezi, etc.)
  • a database

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For YouTube for example you have to use the URL provided for embedding (integration) (example:"). It can generally be found in the share options of this kind of service.

Content-type tab

It allows for displaying any content on the full page.


  • A Story developed as homepage of a space.
  • A shared video as content in the space.

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Managing tabs

  1. Click on the space menu and then on 'Tabs'.
  2. Move, modify or delete existing tabs.
  3. Create new tabs by dragging or clicking.
  4. Enter an additional navigation level by grouping the tabs in a folder.
  5. Insert a separator (space) between the (groups of) tabs.
  6. Save

gérer les onglets

It is also possible to translate the wording of tabs.