Comment and Mentions

All users can comment and like Stories, obviously on condition they have access.

All users can mention a user in a Story or a comment, though only users with access to the Story will be notified. You may have to first grant him/her access to the Story via permissions.



Add value to the information by providing your point of view. Commenting is the place where you express yourself, where you add value to a shared information. This makes really a difference in marketing your content and harnessing the potential knowledge behind your shared Stories.

  • Comments are visible for anyone who sees the associated Story.
  • They are completely indexed.
  • Anybody following the Story is notified.
  • They may contain attachments or web links.
  • You can include a mention to a user, or a space (if you are a coordinator or an administrator of the space).


Mentioning a user attracts his attention to shared information and invites him/her to join in the conversation. This function offers everybody the opportunity to interact in all transparency. It also enables coordinators to put people (authors and experts) in touch with each other by directing them to their profile or including them in the conversation.

When a user is mentioned, he/she is automatically subscribed to the Story, in the sense that he/she will be notified of later comments or any other update on the Story.

To mention users, search for the name of the user by preceding the search with the symbol @.

Producing a mention in a comment also generates an immediate notification to all users who follow the Story. Make sure that adding a mention is relevant for drawing a person's attention.