Tagging content

To have the right to tag content you obviously have to have access, but you also have to meet one of the following conditions:

  • be the author of this content
  • have the right of "contributor" to the space or more
  • have the right of system "coordinator" or more

You can tag

  • single content
  • a selection of contents to which you want to apply common tags by means of bulk actions

The tag window appears when you are puslishing your content for the first time. It will not appear anymore if you do modifications inside the story.

However, you can always edit your tags once your story is published.

  1. Click on "Publish" or "Modify tags"
  2. Search for or create a tag with the aid of the search box.
  3. Navigate between the available categories to find the tags.
  4. Create a tag, if the system allow it, if you don't find the tag that you need
  5. Get help from the suggestions and corrections made by elium.
  6. Save your data.