Help Center

At the top-right hand corner of the platform, you have the Help Center signaled by the ?icon.

Help Center

As the name suggests, this section is there to help you get acquainted with the platform:

  • Learning Center: taking you directly to "Learn", this learning platform
  • About: taking you to the disclaimer page of your platform together with the contact of the data protection officer, if any
  • Product News: giving you a quick overview of the latest new product features, directly from the platform Help Center
  • Product Roadmap: taking you to our product roadmap so you can see the upcoming features and where you can also submit your own ideas Help Center

Depending on how your platform was designed, you might have an additional option to open a ticket if you encounter a technical bug while using the platform. These tickets are sent to the Elium Support team.

If the option is not available, please get in touch with the system administrator of your platform in case of technical issues.