Elium's views

The different views of Elium

A. When arriving on the platform, the user arrives on the application's home page. It includes 3 zones and a global navigation menu on the left that allows you to quickly navigate through the platform. Home

B. By clicking on the "Show All" button in the navigation menu, the user can access a view of all groups and spaces on the platform to which he has access. Preview

C. All content added to Elium is indexed in full text. The user can therefore easily search for content, spaces or even tags thanks to a contextual search and a powerful filtering system. Search

D. Spaces are collaborative environments in which affiliate members can save, organize and share content. They are characterized by writing and visibility rights assigned to their members. Space

E. Sharing content in Elium is frighteningly simple. The user can start from an "empty" content or a content structured by the administrator, which allows him/her to be guided in the creation of his/her content. Viewing content

F. A directory is available for all users of the platform. It allows users to be identified on the basis of defined filters, which can be customized according to platforms. Directory

G. Each user has a profile that presents him/her. Profile