My dashboard

What can you find in your dashboard?

Personal dashboard

Your personal dashboard consists of three blocks as shown in the image above.

  1. First block: key metrics about all your contents combined
  2. Second block: a table keeping track of the contents you need to manage and keep up to date
  3. Third blockL a list of all your contents with an overview of the key metrics for each

Your personal dashboard is accessible via the main sidebar as shown below. Personal dashboard

As the name suggests, these views are only accessible to you and relate to your contents only.

How to use your personal dasbhoard

The personal dashboard serves two main objectives:

  1. One is to keep track of your contents, their reach (number of views and unique views) and the number of comments and likes they generated. It gives you insights about the impact your content have and it can encourage you to continue
  2. Second is to see which content will soon expire so you can easily take action to update the content. Learn about management of expired content here.

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