Invite to read

There are different ways to trigger a user to read a content on the platform. You have:

  1. The personal mention
  2. The broadcast by email
  3. The invitation to read

Inviting a user or a team to read a content

Invite to read While the first two options work, they might potentially create noise in the comment section or in the mailbox of the person. The invitation to read is perfect to invite somebody or a team to read and react to a content without notitifying other users who follow the contents. It is quite simple to use:

  1. Once the content is published, click on "Share"
  2. Select "Invite to read"
  3. Add a message (optional)
  4. Select the recipients: you can choose between selecting specific users or teams or choosing all the members of the space
  5. Click on 'Invite'

Receiving an invitation to read

The selected users will receive a notification in their notification center to let them know they've been invited to read a content.

  • You can track the reach of your invitations to read via the Content Analytics
  • Based on their personal settings, they could receive a notification by in-app, email and/or via the mobile app.

Personalised message when sending an invitation to read

When inviting one or several users to read a Story, the user can personalise a message for them and give more details about the knowledge shared. These messages are visible to targeted users before they open the Story and can be previewed in email and in-app notifications. They offer more context about the content shared and help the reader to prioritise reading it or not.

Invite to read in-app message Invite to read email message

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