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A Story can be shared with users outside of Elium, by generating a publicly accesible web link. The link is created at the tap of a button and allows anyone to read the content of a particular Story. This feature is particularly useful when having to share a piece of knowledge with external users (e.g. partners, agencies, external consultants or staff).

Sharing a Story on the Web - generating the publicly visible link

Use the Share button:

  1. Click on 'Share to web'. When activated, this action generates the publicly visible link.
  2. Click on 'Copy' to capture the generated link.
  3. Share it with people outside your team or organization that do not have access to Elium.

Share to Web

Accesing a Story shared on the Web - reading the content

The recipients of the link will be able to open the link in any browser and access any elements of the shared Story, including embedded files or multi-language content. However, they will not be able to access any other content of the platform, except for the shared Story. Moreover, the reactions and comments on the Story will not be visible for people outside the platform so as to protect the privacy of users.

Share to Web

It is important to highlight that:

  • For security aspects, sharing content externally is temporarily limited to administrators and space coordinators. They can see active links and disable them from the Settings area of the platform.
  • This feature can be disabled for content sensitive platforms.

See in this short 45' video the entire process of enabling and disabling public links for Stories:

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