Create an Alert

All users can create an alert.

Alerts inform you by email or RSS feed about any new Stories that match a scope you defined (personal alert).

This scope is defined by a saved search and may consider one or more of the following criteria:

  • full text searches
  • tags
  • spaces
  • Story types
  • contributors

Moreover, you decide the frequency and time at which you receive the alert:

  • one or more day(s) a week
  • monthly
  • at the desired time

How to create an alert?

Alerts are programmed from a search:

  1. Define the search criteria which interest you: tags, search terms, filters on spaces, users or Story types.
  2. Click on 'Save Search'.
  3. Give it a title, a description, then choose the frequency

Se créer une alerte

From your settings, you can change the frequency and name of the alert or delete it.

If you are familiar with RSS feeds, you can also generate a feed on the basis of filters you define. These RSS feeds can be used again in third-party applications such as Feedly or IFTTT.

A token included in RSS feeds is associated with the user. This token can be reset in his/her settings at any time, which will result in disabling feeds already generated and used in these third-party applications.