Co-edit a content

To update a Story you have to:

  • be the author of this content
  • have the right of space "contributor" or more in the space where content is shared
  • have the right of system "coordinator" or more.

Co-editing and conflict management

The system does not permit simultaneous editing by various contributors, The edit button is grayed out if another user is editing the Story. Besides, when you click on the editing button, the system will display a message to warn you that someone is already editing this story and you can identify at the bottom of the Story the name of the user modifying it.

co-edition conflict

If you edit the content anyway, a conflict-management system is set up:

  • The first contributor saves and leaves the content (he/she is not warned that another person is working on the same content).
  • At the moment it is saved, the second contributor sees an error message

co-edition conflict