Editing a content

Any contributor of the space can edit the contents of the space.


At any time, you can go back to an existing content to edit it. Simply click on "Edit". Once you've made the necessary changes, you have three options to save those changes. You can:

  1. Publish changes
  2. Publish changes without notifications
  3. Save changes as draft

Publish changes

The first option is to "Publish changes". This will generate a notification for all users who have interacted with the content previously (likes, comments, reshares...) and it will also be shown in the activity log.

Publish changes without notifications

If you do not want to generate notifications for your changes, you can choose the second option "Publish changes without notifications". This will create a silent update and there won't be any notifications sent to others.

Update without notification

Save changes as draft

And finally, if you are not ready to publish the changes yet, you can select the last option and "Save your changes as draft". The changes will not be shown yet and no notifications will be generated.

  • Be aware that drafts are visible to all space members, except for readers. A message at the top of the story will let them know that a more recent draft version is available.
  • Readers cannot modify content and only see published content.

Save changes as draft

Editing a content automatically marks you as content contributor. Your name will be displayed at the top of the story, after the name of the content owner.