Elium helpt u om te voldoen aan de AVG

Zoals u weet, wordt de AVG van kracht op 25 mei 2018. Om ervoor te zorgen dat we aan uw (en onze) verantwoordelijkheid kunnen voldoen, hebben we enkele aanpassingen in onze applicatie doorgevoerd.

Hieronder vindt u de gerelateerde artikelen over regelgeving en hoe we u helpen /

You must tell your users what personal data are required in the application and what you will do with them (Art. 12,13,14 and 15)

Upon request you can activate a disclaimer page where you can describe the personal data and the processes you’re doing. To activate it, please contact your customer success manager.

You must inform a user if you modify their personal data or the processing you’re doing (Art. 19)

You can send an email to any user at anytime.

You must inform your users about the identity and contact details of the person responsible for the processing of personal data (Data Processing Officer) (Art. 13)

We’ve created a new ‘about’ page on Elium where all users will be able to find the details of their contact person.

Your users should have the right to refuse any processing done with their data. (Art. 21 and 22)

Your users can contact the person presented on the ‘about’ page directly. This page will also link to your disclaimer (privacy policy).

Your users should be able to see and edit their personal data (rt. 15 and 16)

All personal data are visible on the user profile and on their personal settings page. They can edit their data there too.

Your users should be able to disable certain functionalities of the platform which use their personal data (such as emails) (Art. 18)

Users can change these preferences from their personal settings page.

You should be able to delete all personal data from a user upon request (Art. 17)

In order to not lose the work produced by the the user in the framework of their job, we’ve developed an anonymisation process. To anonymise a user, you can click on the delete permanantly button in your admin panel. Please keep in mind this is absolutely irreversible.

Users’ personal data should be transferable to another platform (Art. 20)

We can provide you with a standard export of users’ profiles on demand.

The disclaimer you can activate must be accepted to access the platform. ​

Als u vragen heeft over deze wijzigingen, neem dan contact met ons op via de contactgegevens in het privacybeleid.

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